Navigating the Trails: My Mustang Dream Day 23

Noya's Journey

Today marks day 23 of Shapour’s journey with Noya, his wild Mustang. So far, Noya has been ridden nine times, with seven of those rides taking place in the arena. In total, Shapour has spent 27 hours working with Noya over the last 22 days. He feels confident in his control of her feet and is ready to take her out for her first trail ride.


Shapour chose a nearby dirt road for Noya’s first trail experience. The road is wide and straight, making it a good choice for the initial ride. When they arrived at the destination, Noya became anxious in the unfamiliar surroundings. Shapour walked her away from the busy road and used lateral flexion to distract her and engage the thinking side of her brain.

As they began their ride, Shapour encountered a car and used bending to keep Noya under control. He trotted and cantered, allowing Noya to get comfortable in the open space. However, Noya veered off course multiple times, which is normal for a first trail ride.

As they headed back, Shapour was tempted to take a narrow road, despite knowing it wasn’t the best idea for a first trail ride. He gave in to his temptation and regretted it almost immediately as Noya veered off down a steep, wet hillside. Although she managed to hold herself up, Shapour knew it was time to head back before another accident occurred.

The trail ride lasted 45 minutes and was a good learning experience for both Shapour and Noya. He used desensitization techniques as they headed back home, feeling proud of their progress so far. As Shapour continues to work with Noya, he reminds himself to always consider the safety and comfort of his Mustang while pushing her boundaries.


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Noya's Journey
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